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Welcome to my BMX site! I'll be posting videos and photos of my rides on this site, as well as links to YouTube vids, Twitter posts, and a lot, lot more! Keep up with the site and if you like something give us a "thumbs up". If you'd like to leave comments, please do!

YouTube Channel

Bike Vlog 1

Vid from around Long Beach, Ca. Last ride of November 2017. Awesome day!

Bike Vlog 3

Vid from around Long Beach, Ca. Harbor area downtown.

Bike Vlog 5

I put a Gyro3 on my Downtown 24. It totally fit! Things to look out for...

Bike Vlog 7

I hit a few skate parx to see what I could find. Great day overall for a ride!

Bike Vlog 9

I got my custom SD from Haro! Sick matte black forks to match the bars. Great Demolition parts!

Bike Vlog 2

Broke my chain on a ride so thought I'd do a tutorial while repairing it.

Bike Vlog 4

Replacing parts on my Haro. Needed a tear-down and cleaning.

Bike Vlog 6

Holiday ride thru downtown Long Beach, Ca. Awesome day, lot's o' sun!.

Bike Vlog 8

Took 3rd into downtown, then hit the Pike. Later hit 2nd street in Belmont Shore!

Bike Vlog 10

Put a Gyro 3 on the SD! Worx well. Took it for a test run. Everythings tite!